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Trusted & Featured on CNN

Criminal & Immigration Defense Attorney Jessica Stern regularly joins CNN as a legal analyst. She has discussed immigrant family separation under the Trump Administration; the cancellation of DACA and the fate of the hundreds of thousands Non-U.S. Citizens affected by it; the government’s travel bans; and overall changes in immigration and deportation policy. She is regularly invited to panels and discussions with legal practitioners, politicians, community members, policy-makers, journalists and many other experts in the field.

STERN Law Immigration Clients Are Three
Times Less Likely To Be Deported

Trusted & Featured on CNN

Criminal & Immigration Defense Attorney Jessica Stern regularly joins CNN as a legal analyst. She has

STERN Law Immigration
Clients Are Three Times Less
Likely To Be Deported

Criminal & Immigration Defense Attorney Jessica Stern regularly joins CNN as a legal analyst. She has

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The rapidly-developing field of “CrImmigration” law combines matters that involve both criminal defense and immigration law. If you are a non-U.S. citizen currently living in the United States and facing criminal charges, you may be subject to consequences under both criminal law and immigration law. Even if you had been charged with a crime in the past that did not affect your current status, issues can arise in future situations, such as when you go to renew your Visa, Green Card, or attempt to become a naturalized citizen. Consequences may include revocation of your visa or green card, detention, or deportation.

A “CrImmigration” attorney combines their legal knowledge of both immigration law and the criminal defense field. If you are an immigrant who has been charged with a crime, contacting an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer with immigration law experience should be your first line of defense.

STERN Law Knows you Better

We know what you have been through and where you want to go. We will get you there.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen and you have been arrested, for anything, ever, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle the above situations. All of it should be handled carefully, by one Attorney. One law firm. One point of communication. You are in better hands with one CrImmigration Lawyer – instead of a criminal defense lawyer and a separate immigration attorney.

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If you are an non-U.S citizen who is facing criminal charges or has in the past, it is important to discuss your matter with a qualified criminal defense attorney before entering a guilty plea. An Atlanta lawyer with CrImmigration law experience can discuss your matter with you in detail and propose an action plan to best help you with your unique situation. Reach out to an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your options.

The Rise of CrImmigration® Matters

The necessity for the emerging field of CrImmigration has been in response to several recent law enforcement trends and Supreme Court judicial decisions. These have served to dramatically expand the types of crimes that can lead to deportation and have normalized detention as a standard way of policing immigrant offenders.

Historically, immigration law called for the deportation of immigrants who had been convicted of a “serious crime of moral turpitude.” Such crimes were considered evidence of the charged party’s lack of good moral character. They included such heinous crimes as murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and robbery. Other aggravated felonies, such as serious drug and firearm charges, were also grounds for deportation.

In the past, immigrants who had committed less serious offenses would not have been subject to the same removal proceedings as those who had committed serious crimes of moral turpitude. Instead, they would have faced the same judicial outcomes as other U.S citizens under the American criminal court system. In the new era of CrImmigration however, non-U.S. citizens who commit lesser offenses are now in direct jeopardy of going through removal proceedings and being deported in addition to their criminal charges and penalties.

Why We Are 100% Committed to CrImmigration®

We started defending clients in criminal courts across the State more than 10 years ago. STERN Law could not ignore that non-U.S. Citizens receive a much lower quality of representation than Americans. Whether it’s because of a language barrier, many criminal defense lawyers’ lack of immigration law knowledge, or an overall cultural bias, this difference is unacceptable.

STERN Law has dedicated itself to improving the representation of immigrants facing both criminal and immigration consequences.

Through clear and consistent representation, STERN Law provides representation and counsel for non-U.S. citizens who need to secure their permanent place here in the United States.

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